The time is ripe for preparing for the season that starts early September. 

Present in the South African market for the last 2 years, the company is developing, in partnership with EARTHECO, a major company in the region that actively campaigns for the protection of wildlife and its environment.

It provides technical and marketing support to retailers and pool builders.



The company has had to adapt its offer for the South African market, so it developed a line of products that are closely adapted to local situations.



formation en Afrique du Sud

Philippe GRARD

formation en Afrique du Sud


formation en Afrique du Sud




Marketed under the brand name «ECO SENSE, CELL TECHNOLOGY LIFE,» this product line has special features with electrolytic cells that last very long. 



Lee Dormer

Lee Dormer, Director of EARTHECO explains: «Pool Technology’s offer is not limited to standard products. The most important for us was to take into account our specificities and our market. They selected and adapted products that now correspond to our expectations. Their desire to adapt as closely as possible to our needs, their approach seeking constant improvement, the seriousness of their support as well as the quality of human relations, truly authentic, made our choice easy. (...) ».






Ecosense CLT 70