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Having provided major support to pool and spa dealers for more than 12 years through high inventory levels and an extensive spa product portfolio with in-house technical services, SCP UK is emphasising its strong spa heritage and excellent positioning in the market covering the Beachcomber, Dynasty and Nordic Spas brands.


Beachcomber executive vice president Blake Scott says: “We began our partnership with SCP in the summer of 1999.  SCP provides a 15 model line-up and has a large inventory of Beachcomber Hot Tubs conveniently stocked at two locations in the UK (Basildon and Gatwick).  We regularly organize factory training and visits to the UK to provide excellent customer care and education on Beachcomber’s unique features and benefits.”

Dynasty Spas’ Jim Jones says: “With a very successful start to the 2012 season, we are very excited to announce that SCP and Dynasty Spas are celebrating their 10th anniversary in their manufacturing / distribution partnership.

Both brands which are being offered by SCP UK, Dynasty Spas and Garden Leisure Spas,  have introduced many new features that the company says go a long way towards driving its offerings even higher in the spa Industry’s top ranks. It says both brands have a strong consumer appeal, representing industry leading improvements in appearance, durability, reliability, therapeutic value, safety, family fun and entertainment."

Sylvia Monfort, SCP Europe CEO and UK director, adds: “When we purchased NorCal, one of the most recognized pool distributors in the UK successfully managed by David Mathers, we didn’t imagine the huge opportunity of developing a brand new spa business in Europe. With the constant support of our three major manufacturers, Beachcomber, Dynasty and Nordic, and thanks to the great sense of business and expertise of our UK team, we have been building a strong position through the most professional dealer networks in the UK, driven by innovative capacity and a service-oriented mind.

“Even in struggling years, when bad quality entry-level models were launched onto the UK market, we have been growing our market share through product quality, exceptional service, high inventory levels for both spas and spare parts and technical expertise have been really key factors to get through those challenging times when so many spa competitors have either shut down or left the UK market. Add to this our large investment in the infrastructure and logistics of handling spas with a purpose-built delivery truck, handling and moving equipment and more recently handling equipment relative to swim spas including a brand new fork lift truck, our overall spa-related capability is huge. We have increased our stockholding of all spa-related accessories and products including spare parts as well to cope with year-on-year growing demands. Thanks to the unique financial strength of PoolCorp Group [SCP UK’s parent company], we are looking forward to future ambitious investment plans to reinforce our spa and pool business position in the UK as well as in Europe.”


scp UK StaffSCP UK team members who were presented with awards on 12 June in recognition of 10 years’ service to the company and their major contribution to its growth.


scp UK Staff

Mark Deller (Basildon Branch Manager), Barry Taylor receiving the watch, and Ian Pratt.



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