The new and completely made in Italy product A. di Arcobaleno conquers the Spanish market: the firm B. & O. Engineering has planned and made a new model of telescopic enclosure “Energy triplo” for the sport centre “Club Natación Banyoles” in Girona.


The enclosure consists of 5 sliding elements 6, 65 meters long and 1 fixed element 4, 46 meters. The bearing structural profiles are made up of 6005A-UNI9006-1 aluminium alloy obtained by extrusion.


The system of joining elements in one single sliding module 6,65m long allows limiting the overall dimensions of the enclosure in width (22, 62 m) but keeping the expected dimension in length (37, 31 m).


The support and the movement of the enclosure are performed by a new system of extruded aluminium tracks built into the floor with 8 wheel trolleys fixed to the sliding elements and easily removable. When the enclosure is retracted, by each sliding element only slits 26mm wide will be visible.


At the moment the enclosure is supposed to be moved manually, but it is arranged to a possible future automatic movement by low voltage engines fed by photovoltaic panels. The structure was open on the 22nd October 2011.