Logo A.Di Arcobaleno

A. di Arcobaleno just turned 10, so it decided to give itself a new image.

It presented the new brand last Christmas, which had evolved and was a great improvement over the previous one: rainbow coloured dots arching into a futuristic shape evoking the telescopic pool covers that it manufactures.  Although it is different from the previous one, it wished to retain the image of the rainbow colours, to represent the commencement but also the continuation of a tradition of quality and the reliability of the company.

And since the restoration is complete, the website was also completely redesigned:  to present its new face, one sees a woman diving into the covered pool of a futuristic building, "diving into the future"; A. di Arcobaleno turns resolutely towards the future.


Among the new products, the Polidéco: four magnificent fantasies created to customize one's own pool cover.  Let us take a closer look at the style:  urban landscapes, dreamlike fantasies, floral scenes or a million water bubbles.  The graphics proposed are created in long-lasting materials that guarantee a perfect chromatic rendering of the colours, whether it is overcast or with splendid reflections of light when it is sunny.



A host of other concepts keep its creativity in constant ebullition:  new models to respond to the growing demands of customers, new technologies to customize the covers even further, new guide rails to be used for larger installations, and many, many more ideas.



Polidéco Acqua


Polidéco City


Polidéco Bamboo


Polidéco Sogno