Libor VOGL

Libor VOGL, Associate Director of VAGNER Pool, manufacturers and distributors of swimming pool equipment in Prague, talked to EuroSpaPoolNews.


During the Open Days held by VAGNER, our associate, Michele RAVIZZA, met Libor VOGL, Associate Director of this distribution company situated near Prague, Czech Republic.

VAGNER Pool with a total strength of 35, has 6 partners who share the various tasks of the company: Jan Šic, Petr ŠimonÄ�ík and Miloslav ÄŒahoj, in charge of production, Milan Vágner head of finance, and JiÅ™í Rousek and Libor Vogl who handle sales.

Specialists in distribution in the Czech and Slovakian markets, they represent various brands, notably, Zodiac, Pentair, and Bombas Saci... The company also manufactures electric heaters, heating pumps, electronic control systems and a range of stainless steel accessories.


EuroSpaPoolNews / Michele Ravizza: "Hello, Libor VOGL! Is this the first time that youve organized these Open Days? And for how long?"

VAGNER / Libor VOGL: "Yes, this is the first time weve organized these Open Days; they will go on for three days".

VAGNER - Portes ouvertes 2011 VAGNER Showroom

EuroSpaPoolNews / Michele Ravizza: "Why did you decide to do it?"

VAGNER / Libor VOGL: "We were not sure that the Prague exhibition would be a success this year because of the competition that exists between similar events in Prague and Brno at the same time, so we decided to participate in the Lyon show in October 2010 and to create our own event during the Prague exhibition.

EuroSpaPoolNews / Michele Ravizza: "Yes, its true that we saw you in Lyon. What products manufactured by your company were you seeking to promote during that event? "

VAGNER / Libor VOGL: "In Lyon, we were very successful when we presented our electric heaters for swimming pools, our heating pumps, our electronic control systems, our equipment for solar covers and our range of stainless steel accessories"

EuroSpaPoolNews / Michele Ravizza: "How many people work in your company now?

VAGNER / Libor VOGL: "We currently have 35 people working in our company"

Vagner Porte ouverte

EuroSpaPoolNews / Michele Ravizza: "What is your assessment of the beginning of this year, 2011?"

VAGNER / Libor VOGL: "The responses of our customers have been varied. Personally, I think the pool market will show a slight progress this year, in the Czech Republic, as compared to 2010. "

EuroSpaPoolNews / Michele Ravizza: "In terms of marketing, could you tell us something about your organisation in the Czech Republic and other European countries?"

VAGNER / Libor VOGL: "For the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we are distributors of various international brands like Zodiac, Bombas Saci and Pentair; whereas here, we operate as distributors and sell to professionals of the sector.
Moreover, we export the products we manufacture to various countries in Europe thanks to the support of our many distributors.

EuroSpaPoolNews / Michele Ravizza: "We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year and also our third year of presence in the Czech market. Thank you for being with us since the launch of our Czech edition. What do we represent for you and how can we improve our teamwork?"

VAGNER / Libor VOGL: "Personally, I really appreciate your newsletter: its full of up-to-date and practical information and really oriented towards professionals. At the various exhibitions, I never fail to read your hard-copy editions, and also, I always enjoy meeting you from time to time and sharing your global view of the pool market".