Covana COverAfter being successful at the Lyon show and the Vegas show last November, the Covana Cover is one of the main innovations for 2009.

The increasing success in North-America has driven its manufacturer to offer this product to Europe with the last generation model including exclusive new features:

- Hard cover (weatherable capped impact modified ABS)
- Expanded new seal design which fits over 90% spas in the marketplace
- Optional lighting package to enhance the spa experience
- Optional privacy shade with a new screen to be able to see outside the spa
- Step cut out

The CE certification is now being approved, following logically the US certification and several prizes received in the industry such as the Best of Class Award 2008 delivered by “”.

The Covana II is an alternative to the classic wooden gazebo and offers several advantages: improved insulation, long-lasting, perfect privacy, and effortless and maintenance-free being the main keys of success for this product.