Ideal for renovation to replace old, obsolete monobloc filtration systems, the MX18 outboard filter block is easy and quick to install on any type of structure, on swimming pools up to 8 x 4 m. 

An outboard filter block that is easy and quick to install 

Compact and pipeless solution requiring no remote technical room, this multifunctional filtration unit combines a buried part with: 1 filtration pump 18 m3/h (BADU from Speck), 2 water-saving filtration cartridges designed for a filtration area of 9 m² and with a filtration fineness of 25 µ, skimmers and 2 openings for water suction, 1 adjustable high-flow discharge nozzle and one 30 white LED 4.5 W projector with its remote control. Several options can be added to the MX18: a by-pass (for a heat pump for example), a salt chlorinator (Zelia cell from CCEI), a pH regulator (with electronic box), but also, a counter-current swimming (Jet Luxe with a 2nd pump independent of filtration) and a colour LED projector. An economical and compact solution, quick to set up and equipped with a removable cover facilitating access for maintenance.

Filtrinov partners can rely for their sales on a new explicit marketing brochure, bringing together all of the manufacturer's products, but also on the brand-new website available in several languages. The totems intended for points of sale have also been revamped and highlight the company's flagship products: scalable filtering panel and all-inclusive filter blocks!

Totem intended for points of sale