SCP proposes the Clean & ClearTM Plus by Pentair, an easy-to-maintain 4-element cartridge filter that offers excellent filtration finesse (approx. 10 microns), thus ensuring the optimum effectiveness of treatment products.

Ultra-durable and easy-to-maintain cartridge filter

This element filter offers a maximum filter surface area to capture more dirt and extend the time between cleaning. The halves of the glassfibre reinforced tank are secured by an innovative clamp ring - simply loosen the clamp to remove the upper half for safe and easy cartridge access and rinsing. Its single-piece base and body ensure great stability.

The filter is fitted with 2'' hoses that offer a maximum flow rate (with 50 mm slip fit) for optimum evacuation and fast maintenance. Its wall connectors enable easy installation. 4 models are available for flow rates of 10 to 30 m³/h with filtration surface areas of 22.3 to 48.3 m². 10-year warranty for the tank and 2 years for accessories.