Marlig Industries Inc., specialists in leak repair since 1980 and the exclusive distributor of FIX A LEAK, also offers a solution for spa water treatment.

FIX A LEAK and SPA SOLUTION in the Marlig Industries Inc. catalogue.

FIX A LEAK is sold worlwide to stop minor leaks in pools and spas / hot tubs. Thanks to its very high concentration, a single one-litre bottle is enough for a 100,000-litre pool that loses up to 3 cm of water per 24 hours. FIX A LEAK can also be used to repair leaks in foam-insulated spas and hot tubs. Consult the dedicated website for advice or to learn about other possible applications.

During the 2023 Piscina & Wellness Barcelona trade fair, Marlig Industries Inc. will also present SPA SOLUTION, an entirely natural, enzyme-based spa water treatment product that is non-toxic, non-allergenic and eco-friendly. It is ideal for persons with an intolerance for chemical products, spa users who care about their environment, and those seeking maintenance-free water.

By continuously destroying polluting agents, SPA SOLUTION can also ensure clean, crystal-clear spa water for up to 3 months after each application. To obtain more detailed information or advice, click here.

Marlig Industries Inc. ditribue FIX A LEAK et SPA SOLUTION

Marlig Industries Inc. ditributes FIX A LEAK and SPA SOLUTION