Thanks to its American subsidiary, Lo-Chlor (manufacturer of treatment products), the brand offers an exclusive product called Aquablanket, which provides an answer to the market's current challenges: energy and water savings!

An answer to the market's current challenges

For around 10 euros per week, this 100% natural product, which is inoffensive for swimmers and coatings, guarantees a reduction in evaporation and heat loss by over 40%.

PPP has also just launched Horner Swim, a range of small sports pools that are factory-fitted with a counter-current swimming system that is perfectly integrated into the pool structure. With an output of 250 m3/ hour, it runs on 24 volts for an electricity consumption of 1.1 kW (up to 5 times less than the average for CCS systems). Videos are available in French, English and German.

Horner Swim

Horner Swim

It also offers the first wall brush for the delicate cleaning of smooth surfaces. Thanks to its flexible design and patented microfibre glove, the Softbrush can easily move around all pool areas and is ideal for polyester pools, tiled pools, liners and the panels of rolling covers. 

Horner Swim on video