In 2020, American group Team Horner acquired Piscines Provence Polyester, the French pioneer in monoblock polyester pools. Since it was created in 1972, the manufacturer has been one of the biggest pool installers in Europe. At around the same time, Team Horner began manufacturing pool and spa equipment in Florida: heat pumps, electrolysers, specific treatment products, etc.   

The new monoblock pool concept of the Team Horner group

The acquisition of PPP included 2 plants: one based near Dijon (France), U2PPP, and the second located between Strasbourg and Saarbrücken, U4PPP, both are organized to deliver swimming pools throughout France but also in border countries such as Germany, Switzerland or the Benelux... More than 80 pool models, available in 6 colours, as well as an experienced team, meet the demands of all independent professionals, whether they are specialists in polyester pools or simply wish to increase their construction potential. A website and a nice catalog are available in several languages.

Horner Sentinel System

At the Piscines Provence Polyester stand, professionals are able to discover the Team Horner group's new monoblock pool concept. In 2023, all their swimming pools will be equipped as standard with exclusive on-board intelligence: the Horner Sentinel system. This connectivity technology offers the pool owner the possibility to monitor the health of his pool while providing a privileged link with a professional who may or may not be in charge of maintenance.

This innovative equipment is also available for all types of new swimming pools regardless of the method of construction. It is the first step towards a complete compatible range of automation equipment and eco-responsible pool products soon to be offered by Team Horner.

Monoblock polyester Pool equipped with the new Horner Sentinel