Water Lily
Water Lily

The patented WATER LILY® from Toucan Productions selectively absorbs oily or greasy substances (oils, sun creams, pollution and so on) found on the surface of the water in your swimming pool.

Greasy residues like these are not destroyed by pool disinfection products. As they are low in density, they remain on the surface of the water and rarely reach the pool's filtration system through the normal circulation of the water.

Furthermore, traditional filtration systems are ineffective, trapping very few of these substances, if any. Greasy residues like these are largely responsible for the formation of a dark strip at the level of the water line and the blackish discolouration visible inside the skimmers.     

Made of a microfibre fabric (lipophilic, hydrophobic fibres), designed to trap oil and grease molecules, it is placed on the surface of the water inside the skimmer. The serrated edges increase the area in contact with the pollutants, increasing the level of absorption. WATER LILY® has a weighted button in the centre to ensure that it floats well and remains stable.

Over time, the fabric will take on a brown colour, indicating that it has absorbed the pollutants found in the water.

The product is disposable and should be changed around once a month, or more frequently if necessary.

Pack of 6 and display unit of 36 packs.
Available from pool equipment wholesalers.