The dinotec Premium electrolyser is a latest-generation, all-in-one device with features that facilitate pool automation for the user's peace of mind.

A latest-generation, all-in-one device to facilitate pool automation

The salt electrolyser incorporates a pH regulation module that enables correction according to the pH measured in real time (pH sensor). The Redox sensor controls chlorine production by the electrolyser cell, adjusting the production of disinfectant according to the parameters measured. The user does not need to do anything, disinfection is under control, and the water is thus treated automatically, even when the user is absent.

The advantages of the device:

  • polarity inversion for cell cleaning is progressive and adjustable, prolonging its durability and improving operation;
  • several automatic modes detect pool status: 'boost', for intensive pool use; 'cover', with an integrated connector to operate the shutter; and 'winter', for when the water temperature falls below 15 °C;
  • several security levels: alert messages in case of low water level, low salt level, cell failure, set points exceeded, and pH overdose.

Moreover, its X-shaped modular cell adapts to the limitations of the technical room and the removable titanium plate support facilitates maintenance. The user-friendly menu is displayed on a graphic LCD screen, with information on production, salt level, water temperature, pH, Redox and even the estimated life of the cell according to use. 

Three models are available for pools up to 60, 100 and 140 m3.