aquatron bravo

Pool Rover Elite

Aquatron Magnum

Aquatron is described as the world leader in the manufacture and distribution of robotic swimming-pool cleaners.

The company’s product line includes brands such as Aquabot Bravo and Aquabot Viva for domestic swimming pools, and Ultramax and Magnum for commercial pools.

In addition, it offers a new and innovative solution for aboveground and flat-bottom swimming pools in the shape of its patented Jet Propulsion Technology in the Aquajet, which uses a single pump to drive the automatic pool cleaner while also creating the vacuum necessary for filtering and cleaning the pool.

Aquatron introduce a new line of water treatment products using the latest technology :

- COBIA™ (Chlorine On Board Integrated Automation) produces chlorine on-site using salt present in th pool.

- Saltex in-line digital chlorine generator with super friendly user interface.

- Probex digital controller and monitoring system provides safe and reliable pool chemistry.