Since 1962, ESPA has risen among the ranks of major European pool pump manufacturers thanks to its capacity to anticipate market needs and innovate. Today, the company distributes its pumps in over 132 countries and possesses 12 subsidiaries. 

The Noxplus variable speed pump, economical and silent

At the Piscine Global Europe fair, the brand is presenting the little sister of its Silenplus pump: the Noxplus variable speed pump.

Both economical and silent, this filter pump offers a choice of 3 fixed and pre-set operating speeds (high speed 2900 rpm, low speed 1400 rpm and medium speed 2100 rpm) to select intuitively via the variator interface. Noxplux operates at full speed to prime the pump and then switches to the selected speed for a duration of filtration that is programmed on the timer in the electrical cabinet. The pump's variable speed and competitive price will provide owners with real savings.

Like all ESPA pumps, the Noxplus is made of rigorously selected materials, 95% of which originate from the EU.

The brand is celebrating its 60th anniversary at the Lyon fair

Seeking to pursue its commitment to the preservation of the environment, the manufacturer constantly improves its industrial processes to produce very durable pumps that can be entirely recycled. Moreover, ESPA is in the process of ISO 14001 certification. The brand also anticipates European directives (2019/770, 2019/771) and, since January 2022, its pumps come with a 3-year warranty.

Its expertise lies in the total control of the entire production chain, from the transformation of raw materials to the finished product: stamping, plastic injection, smelting, motor production, machining, assembly and shipping. Today, this ultra-complete industrial profile enables ESPA to celebrate 60 years of activity on its stand, surrounded by its loyal partners.