Fairland, the Chinese Inverter innovator, presents an energy-efficient and quiet pool dehumidifier powered by Full-inverter technology.

Energy-efficient and quiet

In 2019, Fairland designed its first R32 Full-inverter Dehumidifier. The company initially presented its patented innovation at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2019 and Aquanale 2019.

Powered by Full-inverter technology, Fairland's full inverter dehumidifier keeps humidity down while remaining quiet with an average decibel of 42.7 dB(A). The company boast that its innovation is 10 times quieter than a traditional dehumidifier, without sacrificing any reliability or performance. It also consumes up to 50% less than a traditional unit, and can be used for dehumidifying indoor residential and commercial pools (size 2).

The main features of Inverter-plus Dehumidifier are the following:

  • Energy-saving and Eco-friendly
  • Super silent
  • Smartphone APP control remotely (optional)
  • Floor-standing and wall-mounted installation
  • Strong anti-rusting casing
  • Optional electric heating
  • Operating air temperature 10°C-38°C

For more details, please contact sales@fairland.com.cn.