Products and equipment
Moveable decking to secure the swimming pool
For several years, FAVARETTI Srl has strived to offer products and services that really give you something extra. On this note, it would like to unveil ISOLA, its moveable safety decking for swimming pools. Its goal was to offer its customers a functional, automatic product that could guarantee a...
Hot tubs heated faster and at lower cost
The time required for heating a spa and the associated costs turn out to be a problem for many spa owners. Using the integral electric heaters usually provided can take up to 24 hours to achieve operating temperature and it takes at best between 6 and 12 hours if pre-heated water is used to fill...
The concentrated chlorine tablet with an insect repellent
Just when you are enjoying your pool, some unwanted guests come along... mosquitoes and other insects come to spoil this relaxing moment! This still happens even if the pool water has been properly treated and maintained.
Success of the anti-algae slats for pool cover
Since their launch last year, the new anti-algae and UV-resistant slats Eclipse have been very successful. Due to this great success, OCEA has invested in an additional extrusion line to respond to the increasing demand in the market.
Floating Ground technology included in the PoolCop probe
Redox measurements (ORP) offer considerable advantages as they measure the effectiveness of disinfection and require little or no maintenance. All too often, Redox potential cannot be measured precisely in swimming pools due to the electric charge of water.
A training system approved by the French swimming team
The Hydrostar counter-current swim jet is one of the training secrets of the French swimming team. The team regularly use it for technical and endurance training as it perfectly meets their high requirements.
Simple 3-month spa maintenance kit
On the strength of its experience with pre-dosed products, Impact has launched Easy Spa, a full spa treatment kit in the form of 20 g tablets. Based on active oxygen, an anti-foam ingredient and a calcium sequestering agent, these tablets enable quick, reliable and easy dosing and ensure the pH...
New automatic pit for pool cover at the bottom of the pool
The new automatic pit for pool covers by T&A was on show at Lyon. It integrates the cover at the bottom of the pool and is also suitable for "butterfly" models. The mechanical principle of this pit has been simplified and combined with easily configurable electronic management.
The authentic Finnish sauna experience
ASCOMAT is participating in the Innovation Awards this year in Lyon by presenting the most unexpected element of the Harvia family, the ATV – an all-terrain sauna that can be taken anywhere. By marketing a mobile sauna, the manufacturers offer users a true Finnish sauna experience, i.e. to enjoy...
Connecting and simplifying technical facilities...
This year at the Lyon fair, WARMPAC is presenting a connected technical facility, placing the end user at the centre of its features, enabling them to connect and simplify the use of their swimming pools...
Two new heat pumps at APF
APF offers an all-seasons heat pump that works up to -10°C, with 3 modes: heating, cooling and automatic mode. The SUN PRO EVO heat pump boasts protection enabling it to operate below 0°C. The frost protection operates automatically and rapidly through a cycle inversion (4-way valve).
All-in-one in-line chlorinator
Resilience E was developed with the pool care taker in mind. This new in-line salt chlorinator for pools up to 150 m3 is Magen eco-Energy’s latest and most innovative salt chlorinator. This all-in-one device encases all peripheral accessories necessary to enjoy a safe pool in one easy to...
Stylish and resistant pool accessories
The specialist for pool accessories presents new ladders for pools in AISI 316L stainless steel.  The LAND 500 ladder has 5,6 or 7 steps in plastic, for easy access to the pool.  It can therefore be adapted to different pool depths and is recommended for people with reduced mobility.
Sherry Lounge : the ne model of swimming pool by Piscines Prestige Polyester
It sounds like the name of a cocktail based on the famous sherry wine, however, the SHERRY LOUNGE is an invitation to relax and laze without swallowing a drop of alcohol!  That is is the name, carrying wonderful images of summer evenings, that has been given to PISCINES PRESTIGE POLYESTER's new...
New polycarbonate profiles by BUILDING Pool Cover Profiles
BUILDING Pool Cover Profiles, 100% Belgian company, manufactures the profiles to assemble a swimming pool cover, with a focus on supplying these profiles for the pool cover constructors.