CCEI proposes a discreet mini-spotlight that ensures as much pool lighting as a larger model. The Mini-BRiO 2 is just as compact as the first generation with 50% extra power, producing up to 1300 lumens in white!

The Mini-BRiO 2, a compact and discreet mini-spotlight

Ultra-powerful and customisable mini-spotlight

Thanks to the new LED technology associated with recent developments in heat dissipation, this spotlight is just as powerful as the big projectors on the market while remaining discreet on the pool wall.

The Mini BRiO 2 can be customised thanks to the bezels designed for the spotlight with a trim already included. And for concrete pools, a stainless steel trim with an extra-flat design is available.

The installation of two ultra-powerful mini-spotlights instead of a standard projector optimises the luminous flux and thus prevents shadowy areas. And for those looking for colour, the Mini BRiO 2 also comes in a multi-colour version with RGBW technology.

Since 1973, CCEI has designed and manufactured electrical equipment for private and public swimming pools. Originally specialising in electrical panels, CCEI has expanded its expertise into other sectors, including water treatment and pool lighting. Every year, it manufactures and delivers over 120,000 of its pools lights to customers around the world. With 90 products available, CCEI has been among the world leaders in LED lighting since 2007.