Hayward presents 2 new models with Full Inverter technology designed for residential swimming pools: the S. Line Pro Fi and the SumHeat Fi.

The S. Line Pro Fi and the SumHeat Fi for residential swimming pools

S. Line Pro Fi, the first heat pump with side ventilation marketed by Hayward

The S. Line Pro Fi is the first heat pump with side ventilation marketed by Hayward. This pump is perfect for small spaces, since the back only needs to be at least 20 cm from the wall. This silent, efficient heat pump is smart and connected, and stands out with it special design that makes it possible to hide it in any pool environment, indoors or outdoors.

  • In-Tech, Full Inverter technology.
  • Smart control system.
  • Silent mode.
  • Powerful.
  • Elegant, tactile user interface with Bluetooth connection: EyesPool Inverter Connect.
  • Uses R32 refrigerant.
  • Sustainable thanks to its noble, durable materials.

This product is part of the Hayward Expert Line and will be available in 2022.

New version of the SumHeat Fi heat pump

The new version of the SumHeat Fi heat pump has all the strong points of the original model. Vertical design to make optimal use of less space. Improved noise level thanks to the top ventilation, for quieter operation. Single-phase and three-phase electric power to adapt to all types of electrical installations.

With its totally new design using the best technologies available, the SumHeat Fi pump meets the current requirements for energy savings and environmental friendliness.

  • In-Tech, Full Inverter technology.
  • 17 kW and 30 kW electric power adapted to large pools.
  • Designed to operate at temperatures as low as -15 °C.
  • Power regulation.
  • WiFi module included for remote control from a Smartphone, iPad or PC.
  • Large control screen to view information in real time.

SumHeat Fi has chosen the R32 liquid refrigerant combining energy efficiency with reduced global warming.

SumHeat Fi heat pump Hayward

SumHeat Fi