EZPool is a simple and economical swimming pool connection and automation solution known as 'professional pool linking'. This universal system includes a mobile or web application and requires a Wi-Fi connection. It also consists of two units, EZ1 and EZ2, that offer scalable features. 

A simple and economical swimming pool connection and automation solution

Professional pool linking

When you connect the EZ1 unit, information concerning water and air temperature as well as water flow are gathered via the application, on which the user can also program time slots for pool lighting and filtration.

The automation system offers further services when you connect a second unit, the EZ2, to the EZ1. With these two connected units, users can control and manage the pool pH level, water treatment and pressure. They can also program up to three additional pieces of equipment: heat pump, fountain, robotic pool cleaner, garden lighting, etc.

This easy-to-use system enables pool installers to offer their customers remote EZPool connected pool support, avoiding the need for unnecessary and sometimes costly technical visits.

It also has the advantage of offering scalable features that owners can acquire at a later date. This solution also opens the door for a range of connected products to suggest to customers to optimise their pools.

To find out more, several videos are available on the manufacturer's website that explain each component and the operation of the EZPool solution.

EZ1 et EZ2 EZPool

EZ1 and EZ2 units