ACTI is a complete water treatment solution for any pool or spa owner. 

ACTI products designed with pool professionals in mind

Created with pool professionals in mind, the complete ACTI series contains 4 ranges of products that contribute to optimal water treatment:

  • ACTI
  • ACTI Expert

A website dedicated to water balance is a website dedicated to revealing water treatment problems and providing solutions. Users can browse the entire ACTI series, as well as download all the technical and safety information related to ACTI products. In addition, features such as: a complete water treatment glossary, a forum-like "Blog" section, and a troubleshoot water segment are also available within this robust website. The website is often updated and enriched with content that is useful to professionals.

ACTIsoft software to download online for water diagnostics

Finally, users can visit the ACTI website to download ACTISoft software, an exclusive water treatment diagnosis and treatment service that is available for Windows and smartphone.

The ACTISoft application allows users to: 

  • To carry out a complete water diagnosis.
  • Obtain a custom treatment plan with advice on how to use ACTI products.
  • The software is coupled with Aquachek strips for fast and accurate analysis.
  • Possibility to order directly by email or Pool360, after selection by name, packaging and quantity.
  • The application is also available to any pool or spa owner looking for a way to take their water treatment to the next level.

The ACTI range offers chemical solutions in water balance, disinfection, or specific actions in private pools, public pools, or spas.