Salt & Swim® 2.0 + is Hayward's new range of connected salt electrolysers that offer chlorine production of 8, 16, 22 or 33 g/h with a salinity rate of 3 to 100 g/L, depending on the model (pools from 30 to 150 m3). 

The first electrolyser with onboard Bluetooth

A modern, stylish and compact cabinet

This device, which was presented among Hayward's 2021 range, is the first electrolyser with onboard Bluetooth. It meets the expectations of all those consumers in search of a smart pool.

This unique control unit makes it possible to manage all pool equipment without an additional clock or transformer. It controls the filtering pump according to the 2 available modes (manual / automatic) and 3 programmable periods. It detects the closed valve position to adapt its chlorine production.

Salt & Swim 2.0 + offers users 5 settings for chlorine production that are adapted to the real needs of the pool: 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100%.

Thanks to its onboard Bluetooth connectivity, users can manage their parameters remotely on the dedicated application: disinfection systems, filtration and lighting (12V/50W power control with 1 timer, RGB LED lighting). The pool is controlled by smartphone only. The intuitive and easy-to-configure Salt & Swim+ mobile application is compatible with Android and iOS and can be downloaded free of charge. Optional: Pool pH for automatic pH regulation and Pool Rx Socket for redox regulation. 

This new-generation electrolyser is also equipped with a flow alarm, a salt level alarm, and a gas detector and offers a superchlorination mode. 

The operational status of the device can be easily checked via its LED lights: blue indicates that chlorine production is in progress, green when superchlorination is activated, and purple when the pool valve is closed or when a chlorine production cycle is activated.

The final advantage: Salt & Swim 2.0 + comes in a modern, stylish and compact cabinet. The device is covered by a 2-year warranty and the electrolysis cell is guaranteed for 8000 hours.