Indygo® is the result of the collaboration between Pool Technologie and the company SOLEM. This solution means the swimming pool can communicate and be set from anywhere. It is primarily for salt chlorination specialists to offer a complete product on the market: a salt chlorinator and an Indygo® kit for a connected swimming pool.

A salt chlorinator and an Indygo® kit for a connected swimming pool

Control of your swimming pool from anywhere in the world

Thanks to the control box, relay antenna and MyIndygo® mobile app, users can control their swimming pool from anywhere in the world. It benefits from automated filtration management, water treatment and auxiliary equipment. It is very easy and intuitive to control from a mobile, tablet or PC. With optimised filtration times, controlled treatment and adapted programming, the pool becomes more autonomous and cost-effective.

Featuring the IPX exchange protocol, Pool Technologie chlorinators from the Just and Premium ranges communicate wirelessly with the control module located in the machine room. Depending on the device model, thanks to the app, users can set instructions and the production mode, launch a boost and manage pH regulation.

A web platform for professionals

Professionals have a dedicated space thanks to a web platform, letting them manage a group of swimming pools. It is a valuable tool for optimising their work, with alarm systems and event logs.
The web platform and app are free to use and no subscription is required.
This home automation system lets you enjoy a connected swimming pool, perfectly under control.