With more than 25 years of experience USSPA is one of the most recognised spa manufacturers in Europe. The company has developed the new spa LoungeIN, specifically designed for easier in-ground installations.

New spa LoungeIN of USSPA

This new in-ground spa stands out with a generous space and integrated steps which ensure safe and comfortable entry and exit of the spa. It can be combined with the swim spa for a complete experience although both remain independent. Thanks to the separation of technologies, it is possible to set a lower water temperature for swimming in the swim spa while keep a hot bath in the spa at an ideal level for hydromassage.  

A smart spa thanks to advanced technologies

This spa can be equipped with a unique automatic thermal cover ACS® which has received prestigious world awards for design and functionality such as Red Dot and Good Design. With ACS® the spa can be opened and closed by simply pressing a button. USSPA is the first company in the world to supply their covers not only in vinyl but also in attractive fabrics or even made from metal sheet varnished in any colour.
Each spa can be tailor made according to the customer's expectations.  To ensure a smooth installation LoungeIN is supplied in a steel frame for an efficient installation process.  It includes advanced technologies developed by USSPA making the spa smart, such as self-diagnostics, remote access to the service logs and intelligent monitoring of component's lifetime. These features help the spa to ensure a long-life span, minimal failure rates and easy service.  

USSPA is currently strengthening its export activities and expanding its dealer network. The company approaches each partner individually including for sales, marketing and technical support via customised trainings according to the needs.  Every dealer has access to its own client web-zone where they can create and manage their orders by using the spa configurator. The client web-zone provides the partners a complete set of supporting materials and photos available for individual use.