A new step towards sustainable development for ITS Europe

For over 30 years, ITS Europe has been a leading innovator of instruments and chemistries designed to test water quality. The company continues to push industry boundaries by shifting its packaging process and reducing its carbon footprint. 

A new line of eco-friendly packets

Known among many things for their easy to use pool & spa test strips, ITS has long since packaged their products using blister-style packaging. This packaging style is not only bulky, but it creates unnecessary plastic waste. Despite this, several companies continue to implement blister packaging. ITS however, in an effort to decrease their carbon footprint, has moved away from industry standards and has made strides to produce products focused on sustainability. 

ITS recently unveiled a new line of eco-friendly packets. These "pocket packets" use no plastic and opt instead for paper that is light and recyclable. Their seed packet like design is especially noteworthy as it holds up to 30 water quality tests in a packet that easily fits into the palm of your hand and is no thicker than a few sheets of paper. 

This year also brought changes to many of the company's other long-running products. Several products were slimmed down and moved away from plastic blistering in efforts to reduce plastic waste. Amongst these were our Pool Check® brand designed to measure the major parameters in Pool & Spa water. 

As the company moves forward, there is excitement to see where their next push towards sustainability takes them. 

digital water quality test nsf certified eXact iDip professional kit

Smart Digital Water Testing - NSF Certified eXact® iDip® Complete Kit

For more information on any of the products offered by ITS Europe, please contact a knowledgeable ITS Product Manager by calling +44(0)1722717911. Additional information and product details may also be accessed on the website.