New spas 'VIBES' 100% relaxation

USSPA, spa manufacturer for 25 years

USSPA, one of the most reputed manufacturers in Europe, is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. This family-owned company will be introducing a new range of spas for 2020. It all begins in a factory in the heart of Europe, starting from the first draft to the design, the mould and final production which permits short lead times. For easy service and installation, the VIBES are equipped with proven components from well-known EU and US suppliers.

New series of spas with modern design

The VIBES series by USSPA is a top product in the mid-range spa segment, with 4 different models to suit all requirements, and adapt to all needs and situations. With their modern designs and competitive quality to cost ratio, they target the middle-income, young family sector. The VIBES are cleverly designed for pure relaxation.  As standard, VIBES offer a modern cabinet that is UV protected, maintenance-free and a thermo-cover in GreyTex fabric that can be colour-matched to one of four shell colours.  To make spa life easier and more enjoyable VIBES is available with a choice of two different  sets of equipment. 

Sales support tools for professionals

To ensure easy setup of VIBES in showrooms and support with product promotion and sales, USSPA has prepared complete sets of POS materials for all its cooperating partners.USSPA is currently strengthening its export activities and expanding the dealer network. This traditional manufacturer addresses each partner individually, offering tailor made training and support that is organised based on their needs.  Professionalism is an essential part of the business and therefore every dealer has access to its own client web-zone where they can easily create and manage orders by using the spa configurator. The client web-zone offers a full array of supporting materials and photos which can be used individually by the dealer for his business and is entirely free of charge.