A smart management of swimming pool equipment and water treatment

The AquaRite®+ : next-gen swimming pool electrolyser

The AquaRite®+ next-gen box offers smart management of swimming pool equipment and water treatment through a salt chlorinator. It combines a remote equipment control box and a salt chlorinator fitted with a T-Cell. Users can control the treatment of their pools or group of pools completely remotely, measuring and regulating pH and ORP (Redox), as well as receiving alerts in case of deviations. It also remotely manages the automatic regulation of chlorine production through salt chlorination, including pH probes. Users have full access to the data log.

5 operating modes

Alongside reliable water treatment, AquaRite®+ combines automatic management of single or variable speed filtration, thanks to its 5 operating modes: manual, automatic, intelligent, smart and heating (if you have a heat pump).
Up to 7 pieces of equipment by any brand can be connected and controlled by this device, such as heat pumps, lighting, UV lamps (230V power supply), pool displays, waterfalls, etc.

For even greater convenience, users will be able to add the optional WiFi/Ethernet module, so they can control this equipment from their smartphone or tablet through the PoolWatch app.