The aquaculture as a new business sector for SPECK

Aquaculture is the controlled breeding of water organisms such as fish, shellfish and shrimps. With 8 % average growth in the last decade, it is the fastest growing segment in food production worldwide. 

Aquaculture pumps

The market's high potential led SPECK Pumpen to develop products that are configured for the special requirements of this industry. For their aquaculture pumps, the company relies on 100 % synthetic material. The advantages are obvious: corrosion resistance, minimal weight and electrical separation. In order to protect the aquatic creatures' health, no parts that come into contact with the medium are made of metal. 

Solutions for fish farming in closed circuit systems

The SPECK product range for aquaculture solutions focuses on fish farming in closed circuit systems (RAS - recirculating aquaculture systems), large aquariums and koi breeding as well as ponds and streams. New developments with propeller technology ensure that a lot of water can be handled with little pressure.

As with all fields of application, SPECK also provides service, flexibility and the adjustment of the products according to the customer's individual requirements. 

To be close to the market, the company is intensifying its presence at the relevant trade fairs, such as the Aqua Nor in Norway most recently.