Here comes the counter swim unit with a propeller

The ideal partner for professional swimmers

Propellers are no longer only used for aviation- with the new counter swim unit, SPECK Pumpen relies on a propeller that ensures a particularly soft and natural flow in the pool.

With a maximum flow rate of up to 350 m³/h, the BADUJET Turbo Pro is the ideal partner for professional swimmers, although not only professionals get their money's worth. Due to its adjustable power, the counter swim unit is suitable for both power workouts and rehabilitation sport, depending on the power level. This means that every fitness level is catered for, while the water itself does not splash much due to low wave formation.

Innovative technologiy and elegant design

Without a continuous shaft and without dynamic sealing, the counter swim unit is particularly low-wear. On the other hand, it is very economical. After all, it is driven by an efficient, fanless permanent magnet motor and power is transmitted to the propeller without contact via a magnetic coupling.

The BADUJET Turbo Pro scores not only with its innovative technology, but also with its elegant design, because the high-quality stainless steel cover is available in two different designs.

The new counter swim unit will be available from April 2020.