The new FlexiTester by Water-i.d. keeps the user more than flexible

For up to 25 different parameters

The tester itself is used like a regular pooltester. Water is scooped, a tablet is added and the water develops a colour. Other than with a pooltester, where the colour is compared to a chart, the FlexiTester is provided with colour sticks that can be slid into the tester. The colour is ongoing and not in steps like on a pooltester, so sliding the stick up and down ensures a perfect match. Additionally, by having the colour chart on a stick, the user is not limited to only a few parameters as just a change of the colour-stick allows to test other parameters as well. Water-i.d. offers sticks for up to 25 different parameters, including the most common ones for pools, such as pH, chlorine, active oxygen etc. 

A wide range of products of Water-i.d.

When purchasing the FlexiTester, the user can choose, which parameter-sticks and reagents shall be included, whilst always having the option, to order other parameter-sticks and reagents later on. A wide range of products of Water-i.d. such as pooltesters, test strips, tablet reagents, photometers, comparators and electronic meters, cover the need of many different industries.