Maytronics integrates IoT technology in its Dolphin robots 

 "Always Connected" real-time connectivity

Maytronics, a world leader in automatic pool cleaners, integrates IoT technology in its Dolphin robots using "Always Connected" real-time connectivity, which allows pool owners to control their robot from anywhere through the new mobile app MyDolphinTM Plus.

The MyDolphinTM Plus app uses the cleaners' IoT connectivity through Maytronics's own cloud service to programme and remotely operate the robot, allowing to choose between different modes and cycles, receive notifications, and set the weekly timer from anywhere and at any time.  

The new power supply unit

This manufacturer's Dolphin robotic cleaners have a new power supply unit designed to enable the end user to have smart control of their cleaners, with great interactivity and ease of use through the new app MyDolphinTM Plus. The new power supply unit has a simple interface that's easy to operate with its on/off button and LED display that shows the status of the device in a single glance. In addition, it allows users to remotely update the robot's software with the latest features and abilities, as well as offering a proactive service and maintenance advice.

The "Always Connected" cloud services will be available from 2020 for the new line of smart robots by Maytronics, which includes the models Dolphin M-Line and S-Line, and for other more exclusive bespoke models.