The new PoolCop XM8 Extension Module

With PoolCop Evolution from PCFR, the professional is able to monitor and control his client's pools in real-time and the customers can benefit from a complete management of their pool and equipment.

To control pool and garden equipments from a smartphone

The new PoolCop XM8 Extension Module enables the addition of more features to the installation, and all this can be controlled from an app on a smartphone. 

The user can decide to add up to 8 auxiliary channels for pool and garden features, including lights, fountains, heating, irrigation, etc., all features adapted to the type of auxiliary. It is also possible to add up to 8 inputs e.g. drum level sensors, thermostats, float switches, emergency stop switches, etc. 

In addition, the XM8 enables control and configuration of a Jetstream and automatic pool cover, subject to local legislation. 

The XM8 is simply an add-on module that can be used to upgrade an existing PoolCop installation or can be part of a new one. 

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