Safety, reliability, easy installation, use and maintenance for motorisations of pool covers

Since the '90s, Unicum has specialised in motorisations for pool covers.  It has made significant investments in production and quality assurance in order to offer the very best technology in terms of safety, reliability, easy installation, use and maintenance. Several innovations have seen the light of day in recent months.

production motorisation swimming pool covers UNICUM

UNImot, the affordable motor for above-ground covers

Firstly, the UNImot gearmotor, the affordable motor for above-ground covers with a friction-free magnetic brake, a remote IP68 control board with two dry contacts, reinforced output shaft in burnished steel, mechanical adjustment of limit switches, and front and back adapter flanges in solid PVC made to fit the diameter of the customer's tube.

UNImot affordable motor for above-ground covers

the UNImot gearmotor

ABRImot, the  tubular geared motor

Next, the ABRImot, an extension of its engine technology with reinforced sealing.  It consists of a tubular geared motor with two coaxial output shafts. This original and patented design perfectly balances the torque and output speed of these two motor shafts.

ABRImot tubular geared moto UNICUM

The ABRImot

The pool is covered and uncovered without causing imbalance between the drive pulleys on each of the two rails. These drive solutions are especially designed for swimming pools and mobile terraces, offering great user convenience to the end customer.  It is inconspicuous, with the motorisation virtually invisible.

Remote management of its installations

Finally, one of the latest developments in the company, through its mastery of home automation solutions, is the remote management of its installations through a dedicated smartphone app.

Unicum is therefore one of the few companies in the world capable of supplying motors for all types of pool covers: slatted covers, flexible covers, shelters, mobile decks and movable floors.

 remote management of installations UNICUM