Effective filtration thanks to a perfectly clean filter

To clean the pool filter in depth, the effervescent tablet Clean Filter Tab provides a concentrated formula overcoming limescale. 

For cartridge, sand, glass or zeolite filters

Whatever the type of filter (cartridge, sand, glass, zeolite...), at the rate of 3 or 4 tabs during the swimming season, and once at the end of the season, this tablet guarantees residues and calcareous deposits removal from filtration media.
Its use also make it possible to avoid plaque formation on the pool equipment, thus extending their service life.

A very easy use

It can be use for example to clean the chlorinator cells. Individual wrapped for a better conservation and efficiency. It is also Phosphate free and environmental friendly. Clean Filter Tab provides the consumer with easy use: everything is predosed, nothing to calculate.

Impact also offers tablets solutions and maintenance kits for spas.