Garden PAC Inver Tech de SCP, a more environmentally-friendly and quieter heat pump

Available from SCP, the Garden PAC Inver Tech pool heat pump is being adapted to European regulations on refrigerants (F-Gas) and is now equipped with R32 fluid.

A more environmentally-friendly and efficient fluid

R32 offers a much lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than R410A, while also optimising the heat pump's thermodynamic performance. It is both more environmentally-friendly and efficient (less fluid for the same power output as with R410A).

A quieter and more economical heat pump

This heat pump is fitted with Full-Inverter® technology: its settings are accurate, as well as the liquid generated by the inverter and the fan, so you can adjust the speed to the nearest hertz and the nearest revolution per minute. It therefore saves energy. The heat pump mechanism is formed of two rotors that work in unison to balance the motor torque and to avoid any jolts. So it is also quieter.

Its electric pressure regulator allows for highly accurate gas flow adjustment (10 times more than with a capillary pressure regulator) in order to deliver 20% better performance.

The WiFi option

The WiFi option allows for real-time monitoring and control of the pump whenever and wherever you are from a smartphone thanks to a special app.