Specialising in the design and manufacture of equipment dedicated to water and pool water treatment, BSV Electronic presents its new salt-water chlorination system for the pool. 

EVOLINK is an intelligent compact salt-water chlorinator with integrated internet connectivity using the Ey-Pools interface.  This device enables you to monitor the disinfection of the water by salt water chlorination in the swimming pool, and also other external devices, such as the filter pump, swimming pool lighting, waterfalls or any other garden equipment (4 auxiliary relays).

The user can control various types of pool equipment with a smartphone, tablet or pc, thanks to the application that is available on iOS and Android or through online access. 

The highly intuitive screen allows you to instantly view all system parameters and notifications and manage the various parameters: water treatment and filter cycles, chlorinator parameters, spotlights, water features, counter-current systems, heat pump, garden irrigation, etc.