The professional cleaning performance is within reach with the PRO X7 from Maytronics. This commercial pool cleaner is easy-to-use to efficiently clean any mid-sized commercial pool, regardless of shape or type, and also provides a single-robot solution for multiple pools.

PRO W=X7 from Maytronics

It integrates auto direct intelligent self-learning scanning technology and Maze scanning pattern to cross the entire floor of the swimming pool. Its dual direction active brush rotates 1.5 faster than the robot to remove the dirt and then vacuum it.

To get perfectly clear water the remote control will ease the manual manoeuvring to reach every corner of the pool. Its cartridge system (100 micron) also makes the pool cleaner easy-to-clean. PRO X7 comes with an ergonomic caddy and a 35 meters cable for easy handling. It delivers long-lasting reliability and has a 24-month warranty.