In 2019, Maytronics markets a new robot for the cleaning of collective pools, the Wave 150, an intermediate model between the well-known Dolphin Wave 100 and Wave 200. Ever more demanding in terms of cleaning performance and reliability, Maytronics further increases the collection and filtration capabilities of the robot.

double-brush system is provided by two active brushes rotating one and a half times faster than the speed of the robot for simultaneous brushing in two directions - forward and towards the centre, and four side brushes for the corners of the pool.

For better filtration, it is equipped with a cartridge filter system (100 microns) with high filtration capacity (12 litres) and an extra large surface (9700 cm²).

It is also equipped with two suction motors and bidirectional water flow allowing it to pass over obstacles more easily.

meticulous scan in labyrinth mode provided by a powerful gyroscope guarantees a high-precision cleaning.

Thanks to Dolphin Wave 150, cleaning collective pools is easy, efficient and fast!