The well-known world company produces and develops pool construction techniques.

As a specialized manufacturer, RPI deliverers a robust, customized and fast installation solution for swimming pools. 

The firm relies on the research and development of swimming pool solutions, in addition to a decisive policy of international expansion and a strong presence on world-renowned fairs.

At Piscine Global Europe, RPI has exposed all their swimming pool construction solutions and techniques, and presented state-of-the-art technology with exclusive, developed and patented systems. 

With new ideas and processes to make a better swimming pool system, such as Infinity, Overflow and Miroir, the manufacturer allows the construction of swimming pools in a few short days and customized to the taste of each client.

On its stand, visitors could find out the private swimming pool brand Soleo, the public swimming pool brand Dynamicpanelpool and the above-ground wood-like swimming pool brand Naturalis

Soleo and Dynamicpanepool