The time when photometers were reserved for professionals because of their cost seems to be over. A photometer was launched that everyone can afford.

The new PoolLab 1.0 photometer by Water-i.d/Pool-i.d is easy to use and gives accurate results of 11 pool water parameters.

Chlorine, pH, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, bromine, chlorine dioxide, active oxygen (MPS), hydrogen peroxide, ozone, total hardness and calcium hardness can be tested on 3 wavelengths.

This new device comes with Bluetooth, a powerful App and software which both synchronize via a cloud server, free of charge. Test results can be downloaded via the app/software and individual water treatment chemicals can be stored and used to let software and app calculate a dosage recommendation. The in-built cuvette can be changed, if necessary.

The PoolLab 1.0 is waterproof to IP68 and simply needs to be held in the pool to scoop the water used to perform the test. Six buttons allow direct access to all 11 test procedures.

The pack includes, in addition to the photometer, reagent tablets (for most common parameters), a stirring rod and a syringe, for an affordable price. 

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