FlowBright is an underwater LED pool light that uses a new patended electrical generation system to illuminate the pool without the need for electrical hook-ups, cables, transformers, niches, deck boxes... It has been designed to simplify pool installation and maintenance, save money (no electrical costs) and save the environment. 


FlowBright for pools by HydroFlux FlowBright for pools by HydroFlux


How does it work?


Screwed into the return inlet of the pool, FlowBright uses water returning from the filtration system to power its electrical needs. FlowBright uniquely utilizes the pressure drop to provide up to 1500 lumens of radiant light! The patented electrical generation system converts the kinetic energy of the water into electrical energy, which is then used to power the LEDs. The water is then displaced through the directional exhaust port at the bottom of the projector. Because of its patented design, this projector adds no extra back pressure to the filtration system compares with a standard fitting.


The advantages


● A plug & Play installation


FlowBright simply attaches onto the return flow pipe outlet using one of the provided adaptators (two different sizes are included in every order as standard).

Thanks to its simple Screw-In Installations system (into the 1.5" BSP return inlet), connecting the lighting only takes 5 minutes!



FlowBright for pools by HydroFlux FlowBright for pools by HydroFlux



● Zero electrical Costs


As it uses the energy already being generated by the filtration system, it generates no additional power costs.


● No add-ons needed


No niche, deck box, transformer or cable are never needed.


● Powered by Green Energy


As FlowBright does not use any need to be connected to the main power supplies, it is environment-friendly.


● A three-year warranty as standard


● It fits most pump sizes


It is compatible with many pump sizes and comes with four Pump-Power settings, each of which will correspond to a different style of filtration pump: 1/2hp - 3/4hp - 1hp and 1hp.

To select the correct setting, the adaptator fixing washer just needs to be removed, adjusted to the correct pump-power setting and re-attached.


FlowBright for pools by HydroFlux FlowBright for pools by HydroFlux



● Light even if one of the LEDs breaks


FlowBright is installed with 6000k ultra-bright energy-efficient LEDs that can generate 1500 lumens. Even if one of the LEDS breaks, the others will still perform perfectly.


About the manufacturer company


FlowBright is the patented invention of Hydro-Flux Aqua Products Limited and is designed, manufactured and assembled in Britain. The family-owned business that was created in 2017 is based in Yorkshire, England and works with three members of the Burnham family (Douglas, David, and Michael) under one roof. Combined, they have over 80 years of industry experience, and this expertise has been invaluable in the development of the company’s products.

The goals of Hydro-Flux is to make things easy for pool owners, engineers, and retailers.


A good start with this creation...