FlowBright, the LED pool lamp that produces its own electricity!

Lighting the pool without work or electricity costs

FlowBright from Hydro-Flux is an underwater LED pool light that uses a patented electrical generation system to produce its own electricity. The lamp is powered by its low-resistance, high-flow turbine technology that is water-powered and can generating up to 1500 lumens. This eliminates the need for electrical hook-ups, cables, transformers, niches or intricate installations.

FlowBright saves money by significantly reducing installation and running costs. Indeed, the installation of this projector does not require any work or additional equipment, and lighting the pool no longer entails electricity costs.

This system is compatible with all pools, even the oldest ones.

Led lamp pool lighting turbine technology electrical generation FlowBright of Hydro-Flux

FlowBright Plus for even more performance

To exceed the limitations of the first version introduced on the market in 2018, Hydro-Flux has developed a higher level model, FlowBright Plus, which generates more flowrate with an increased range. Thanks to a rechargeable battery, all the power generated will be stored within the battery instead of being sent directly to the LED. When the light is turned on, it is drawing the energy requirements from the battery and not from the real time coil generation. It can therefore be used whether the filtration system is running or not and with higher brightness performance.

With FlowBright Plus, Hydro-flux offers easy-to-install, economical and one of the most environmentally friendly pool lighting on the market.