To make the most of its pool the owner tries to keep it at a comfortable temperature for as long as possible, during the day and throughout the year. To achieve this, the heat pump is a good solution as it only requires energy to operate a compressor and a fan motor, using low amperage in the process.


Electroheat ECO-VFor every 1kW of electricity consumed, Electroheat ECO-V Inverter heat pumps designed and manufactured by WATERCO deliver up to 7kW of heat, offering significant savings compared to propane gas, natural gas and electric heaters.


These heat pumps have the flexibility to vary the speed of the fan motor and compressor to maintain a constant temperature. They adjust their efficiency from 50 to 100% according to the real needs of the swimming pool, thanks to the Inverter technology.


This latter provides a more precise water temperature without the fluctuations and power wastage of fixed speed heat pumps. It results in energy savings of up to 15 to 30% compared to these conventional systems.


One of the other advantages of speed control of the compressor and the fan motor is to produce a quieter operation, always appreciated by the user.





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