Sandra Belle has been promoted to the position of Davey's General Manager for the European market. She is responsible for growing the Waterco and Davey businesses following the acquisition of Davey. 

Developing the Davey and Waterco businesses in Europe 

Sandra Belle joined Davey 7 years ago and has contributed to its growth across Europe. Her new role as General Manager Europe will be to grow the Davey and Waterco businesses in Europe, working closely with the Waterco UK team. She will also continue to participate in product development with Davey's Australian engineers, to deliver solutions that meet the challenges of the European market.  

Sandra Belle said: "2024 promises to be a challenging year for our profession due to environmental constraints, inflation and household budget constraints. However, I remain positive about the future, as our industry has always been able to emerge from crises.. Manufacturers, distributors and pool professionals, we all have a role to play in developing eco-responsible solutions, and in training ourselves and our customers. That's why it's so important for Davey to work with retailers, but also with swimming pool schools and training centres. The Davey and Waterco ranges complement each other very well and will enable us to offer an eco-responsible pool, from water treatment to filtration. Products such as the ProMatic Lifeguard chlorinator/controller, the VSD Silensor Pro pump, the MultiCyclone filter, etc. have already proved their worth, but we're working on new solutions and should be presenting the first fruits of the collaboration between the Davey and Waterco teams at the Lyon show. 

I would like to express my gratitude to my colleagues, my mentors and all those who have been part of this adventure. Their encouragement and collaboration have played an important role in my professional development, and I pledge to continue to do my best to contribute to the success of our team and the overall growth of the company."