Products and equipment
iMAGI+, home automation at the service of the pool
More and more home automation is making headway in the pool world.  One should admit that a connected pool is a pool that makes life easy for the user!  The creator-manufacturer of custom pools, PISCINES Magiline, already has several years of hindsight in automation and remote management of the...
VARIO by VAGNER POOL: Intelligent pool control system
The VAGNER POOL producer and wholesaler, renowned for his pool equipment using last technologies, present the new pool automation system VARIO. This independent modular system uses direct and remote access features to control pool technologies. It manages filtration, products dosing, salt water...
Aqua Cover novelties for automatic swimming pool covers
Aqua Cover, the Belgian manufacturer of automatic swimming pool covers behind the Aqua Cover® Premium, Aqua Cover® Light, Aqua Cover® Box and Aqua Cover Exterior motors, was back again this year, as it has been for over 20 years, to showcase its new products at the Lyon trade show.
Eco-friendly water treatment
PooLSan pool and spa water treatment products are distributed in Continental Europe and French-speaking countries by ICP, a Paris-based company specialising in the development of products related to refined chemicals and operating in the field of water chemistry since 15 years. The production is...
The pool blaster Aqua Broom Sweep
Water Tech, The Pool Invention People, who developed ranges of pool and spa vacuum cleaners very diversified in the last 40 years, presents Aqua Broom Sweep. This aquatic broom, cord-free and rechargeable, is an easy solution for removing debris from any pool or spa. Lightweight and simple to use,...
Guarantees and customization for pool liners
As part of Group RPI’s strategy, LINOV operates in the professional market as a renowned supplier of liners, reinforced liners, covers and equipment for the swimming pool professional market segment. The brand’s products are manufactured with a high level of customization required by its...
Polins introduces world's first fully transparent composites waterslide
As an official R&D center in the field of innovative advancement and application of closed-molded manufacturing technology in waterslide development Polin Waterparks continues to focus on innovation in composites manufacturing technologies. Its latest innovation in waterslide technology is the...
New packaging for the ACTI pool water treatment brand
After consulting the group's subsidiaries following a market study conducted among pool customers, SCP Europe decided to upgrade the packaging of its own ACTI brand.  Why? Firstly because the graphic of the swimmer used for several years, needed to be revamped.
EVOLINK, the compact salt-water chlorinator connected to the pool
Specialising in the design and manufacture of equipment dedicated to water and pool water treatment, BSV Electronic presents its new salt-water chlorination system for the pool. EVOLINK is an intelligent compact salt-water chlorinator with integrated internet connectivity using the Ey-Pools...
New Net’Line packaging
The TOUCAN Net’Line cleaning gel for water lines will have new practical packaging in 2019. It will be fitted with a childproof safety cap compliant with standard ISO 8317 (child-resistant packaging).
Full Inverter technology throughout the entire range of HAYWARD® heat pumps
The entire range of HAYWARD® heat pumps now incorporates IN-TECH Full Inverter technology, associating a compressor and an Inverter DC fan. This combination provides up to 30% savings on energy by precisely modulating and adjusting the desired water temperature according to exterior weather...
The spa experience mastered
The new Limelight® spa collection, signed Hotspring®, offers its users not only the pleasure of a massage bath, but also an immersion in a luminous atmosphere. Firstly, the contours of the design offer wide seats that follow the contours of the body as closely as possible and invite one to...
E-POOL: managing your pool becomes easy
The connected pool is changing ... and getting simpler.  The manufacturer's new home automation system makes it possible to remotely control the salt chlorinator using a simple wired connection.
Pump with high resistance to seawater corrosion
The Emaux Hydrau-Power pump is a series of powerful and robust pumps engineered for application requiring high flow capability and efficiency. The pump is constructed with high strength and corrosion resistant thermoplastic materials.
The eXO® range of electrolysis solutions
The eXO® platform can fully treat swimming pool water with no problems whatsoever, controlling the equipment centrally from a single connected interface (connectivity via the iAquaLink interface will be available for this equipment for the 2019 season).