A new smart solution for spas

Wellis brand is known around the world for its premium quality spas integrating innovative solutions. Its latest smart solution has been developed to provide a practical and up-to-date technology experience to the users.

In.touch 2 is a smart control integrated into the spa, and is accompanied by an application running on a smart device, allowing control of the spa from IOS or Android devices.

So the hot tubs are connected via a wifi network to the home Internet connection and provide remote maintenance. The brand's team of service technicians can easily track the error messages in the world, of all Wellis spas, on a giant map after a registration. They can see if any error occurs in the product. Furthermore, a complete history list of spa operation is also available to help the user identify any possible errors. In addition to the software bugs remotely corrected in a few seconds, knowing the error history can also help the service provider to arrive ready to the spa, if it needs physical installation to solve the problem.