SORODIST, a specialist company for over 25 years in distributing fluid circulation equipment to professionals, is exclusively launching a new product in France that saves water, electricity and treatment products for swimming pools.

Heatcover, available in liquid form, is made from molecules that form an invisible film on the surface of the pool. It then works by considerably reducing water evaporation and preserving its temperature. Completely biodegradable, this product is absolutely tasteless, odourless and safe for the health, producing no by-products.


Using a metering pump, the product is injected in very small amounts, 1 to 2 ml per m² every 24 h, during the pool filtration cycle. Once it has got to work, it will evaporate after 50 hours.

Compatible with all indoor and outdoor pools and with all filtration systems, Heatcover saves water, electricity (reducing the use of a heat pump and an indoor dehumidifier) and treatment products (less water evaporation, etc).

It is an alternative solution to bubble covers. The product has already been tested in Belgium and the Netherlands and is just as suitable for residential pools as it is for communal facilities that want to make savings with their running costs.