traitement de l'eau de piscine UV-C High ReflectionThe UV High Reflection treatment system is one of the alternatives for disinfection of swimming pool water offering an UV reflection index that is among the highest on the market. 


The essential aspect of its effectiveness lies in its internal reflector, made of E-PTFE, allowing better exposure to microorganisms than with its stainless steel equivalent. 


In addition, this extremely slippery material prevents the formation of biofilm and deposits in the reaction chamber, which therefore remains clean.  The treatment of pool water with UV-C helps to halve the use of chemicals and benefit from water that is free of odours or irritants caused by chemical disinfectants.


The device is available in option with a dosing pump for extra active oxygen injection, for a 100% chlorine-free treatment.  It has a guarantee of 2 years (excluding the lamp and quartz sleeve), and has a lamp life of 9000 hours.

UV High Reflection  is fully compatible with seawater and saltwater pools, up to 50 m3 (single tube) or 100 m3 (2 tubes).