ESPA is presenting a comprehensive catalogue, including a wide range of filter pumps for swimming pools, with or without pre-filter, and variable speed pumps that allow automated management of the cycles (the Silen Plus).


ESPA Silenplus


In its summary, the manufacturer also highlights the quality of the materials used in its products, which combine energy and water savings (backwashing) and longer service life, all manufactured at its own production sites in Europe, using the most technologically advanced machines.

ESPA MovilAll its pool filtration pumps are designed with a dynamic pump body made of techno polymer, or polymer reinforced with fiberglass. On a more technical level, significant developments are evident on these pumps, such as the AISI 431 stainless steel drive shafts, special mechanical seals made of AISI 316 stainless steel, bearings that support a maximum temperature of 160° C, and P2 capacitors (aluminium casing – service life 10,000 hrs.).

In addition, ESPA goes even further with the convenience of its filtration pump, using the Evopool® application (Android/iOs) allowing the user to manage its operation directly from a smartphone: verification and modification of parameters, programming of the filtration range, alerts, adaptation of the installation, summary of operating data, and the latest updates of the firmware of the pump.