Striving to meet the growing market demand, Ocea International has invested in a new polycarbonate tri-extrusion manufacturing line. This method makes it possible to combine 3 different materials and/or colours in the same profile.


lame OCEATo the two-colour combination of the traditional profiles, Ocea has added a concentrate that prevents UV rays from damaging the surface of the slats.


Furthermore, the new profile prevents formation of algae between them.


These new PC UV+ slats also provide 10% more flotation than traditional slats.  They can be assembled by clipping together or sliding them in laterally. 


Compatible with most profiles on the market, they create a visually uniform deck over the entire surface, with only the waterproof chambers visible.

The slats come in a wide range of colours, including the popular Platinum and Cobalt, which mask the condensation present in the slats.


The new Ocea tri-extrusion line

The new Ocea tri-extrusion line


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